Monday, May 29, 2017

Shifting to Linux

Some time ago I received a notification via Twitter about someone who installed XP on his notebook after reading my article about Linux I wrote some years ago. I think the tweet is ironical, but that doesn't matter.

The fact is I didn't remember I wrote that article, but actually I'm using Linux full time in my desktop computer. How can it be possible? How someone who ranted about Linux on the desktop ended using Linux full time?

Friday, May 12, 2017

About the CTS OCXO Board

After some time working 10 GHz with a TCXO based local oscillator I decided to upgrade it to a OCXO because stability was not as good as I would expect. It was ok for a short QSO but after some time I must search in frequency to the other station again. It was not very practical.

I decided to try a CTS OCXO Board from ZL2BKC. It is a small board with a brand new 10 MHz OCXO made to complement the ZLPLL board, and it is available in kit form for just $20: a bargain!