Tuesday, September 1, 2015

V2000 teardown

Over the years I have receive a lot of questions about the inners of the V2000 50-144-432 MHz antenna. I guess it is because of this. The most common question was about the capacitor values: many hams have burn them out and want to repair the antenna.

Recently I got a mechanically damaged single piece fiberglass V2000, and I took the opportunity to do a complete antenna teardown:

Well, it is not the best photo collage in the world, but I guess it will do the work. Most problems appear in the matching section, so here are the details:

I hope with this info you will not have any problem to repair your V2000 antenna.

Miguel A. Vallejo, EA4EOZ


  1. am i correct in saying that 12j = 12pf @+- 5 %?

  2. I have a V2000 with the EAV2000 Radials fitted, but my best SWR is at 52.5 MHz which makes me think my model might be a "A" model for 52-54 MHz though it was bought from a reputible UK retailer. At 50.2 MHz its 3:1.

    1. You can try to put a little longer radials, maybe 5cm longer. They should move the SWR cuve down in frequency. Good luck!