Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome to my blog


My name is Miguel A. Vallejo and this is my new blog. I opened this blog as a successor to my old website ( ) with the idea to have a more interactive tool.

My main hobby is electronics. Another related hobbies I have is ham radio ( licensed since 1991 ) and observational astronomy since I was a child. In electronics, one of my favourites fields is detection, with a special emphasis in radiation detection.

I have worked also with microcontrollers ( 8051 family and currently ATMega family, mainly ATMega8 ) and in the PC I program in some languages, like Delphi, Java, Lazarus ( FPC ), C ( GCC, MinGW ). I have had also some incursions in Android programming ( HamGPS ).

As ham radio operator I'm interested in VHF and higher bands, including microwaves and optical communications, although I have made some things in HF and LF/MF bands.

The first posts in this blog will be articles currently in my web page with some additions and upgrades and then, the normal cycle of life of a blog.

I hope you will find useful the information contained in this blog.

Miguel A. Vallejo, EA4EOZ

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