Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yaesu VX-2 jumpers

This walkie is sold without the wide band receiver enabled, this is, only 144 and 432 MHz band. This is really a problem with a walkie that has a complete receiver from 500 kHz up to 999 MHz. It is easy to find in Internet how to modify it, but most modifications are "free band" or MARS and sometimes this is not preferred, because you usually lost functions, like Automatic Repeater Shift, or even a completely different frequency coverage.

The solution is to change the jumpers in this way:

So you will get TX on 144-146 MHz with 600 kHz repeater offset, and 430 - 440 MHz with 7.6 MHz repeater offset. Of course, receiver enabled!


1. Remove the battery cover and the battery.

2. With the help of a very sharp cutter, remove the metalized adhesive paper. Take care to do not touch the adhesive side.

3. With an appropriate solder iron, open or close jumpers as stated in the following table (or previous photo):


4. Put again the adhesive paper on its place.

5. Put the battery and make a full reset pressing F, HM/RV and # (the Wires key) simultaneously while power on the walkie. You will see "ALL RESET PRESS F KEY" on the screen, so press the F key.

Maybe the walkie is still "unmodified". Repeat step 5. Now the step 5 toggles between a closed and open receiver. Take note you will loss all the memories every time you reset the walkie.

Now, enjoy listening...


  1. I now only have RX on 2m and 70cm. No RX on the other bands. I cannot go to the other bands via the BAND button. Can you help me please?

  2. Oh nevermind, I just removed the battery then inserted it again and now it works. Thanks!

  3. hoy forma de liberarlo por teclado ?